bringing indirect spend into focus

The Importance of Increasing Indirect Spend Visibility

Sep 14, 2018 in Indirect Spend

No matter how efficient a company is at managing its supply chain, it still must effectively manage its indirect spend, which starts with increasing visibility on this area. Just because office supplies, janitorial services, and landscaping don’t directly influence the production of your product or service doesn’t mean the proper management of those suppliers can be ignored.

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facility management spend

Overcoming the Challenges of Sourcing Facilities Management

Aug 30, 2018 in Facilities Management

Companies can’t afford to neglect the facilities management category. While the influence of facility operations on the overall success of an organization vary depending on the industry, certain problems can arise regardless of this category’s role. For example, the level of service can become inconsistent, the scope of work might have reduced or expanded, and overlap among suppliers and their services can occur.

All of this leads to a bloated category where your spend will inevitably sneak up higher than you–and certainly any board member–would ever want. If you’re in this predicament, then you’re likely looking to source new suppliers to help get things back under control. But where do you start? Like any other category, sourcing for facilities management can be challenging. Here are the steps involved that will help you through your sourcing efforts.

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How to Gain Back Control of Your Indirect Spend

Aug 22, 2018 in Indirect Spend

If your organization is like most others, you’ve probably been spending more time on your direct procurement than indirect. This seems logical, as your direct spend directly influences the cost consumers pay for your product or service and ultimately your revenue. But as recent data shows, indirect spend can make up a significant portion of your overall expenses, and your company would be remiss to ignore it.

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Hidden Cost of Invoicing and Accounts Payable

Aug 13, 2018 in Invoicing

When organizations think about the cost per invoice and their accounts payable process, it’s common for them to look at the accounts payable department as the only entity to determine the cost. Managers will look at salary and the time AP personnel spend on processing an invoice. But it often doesn’t go beyond that. There are other parts to the process outside of AP that add to the cost of managing and processing invoices that aren’t always measured.

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commercial landscaping cost

Top 3 Factors That Determine Commercial Landscaping Costs

Jul 18, 2018 in Commercial landscaping

One of the first questions many companies want to know when searching for commercial landscaping services is how much it’s going to cost. It’s not exactly an easy question to answer. Similar to buying a car, there are many things that factor into the price. For example, there are plenty of extras that you can choose from that will increase the cost of your vehicle. Likewise, with commercial landscaping, there are a lot of additional services that you can have done to your property that will make the service more expensive. With that in mind, there are three core factors that will determine the cost of commercial landscaping services for your property.

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How Sustainable Landscaping Can Reduce Costs For Your Commercial Property

Jun 21, 2018 in Commercial landscaping

Sustainable landscaping is an approach to lawn maintenance that relies on local climate to guide your methods of maintaining your company’s grounds. It works in harmony with nature, not against it. Common practices include water reduction, using native plants, and less fertilizer to help prevent soil erosion. In addition to being good for the environment, it can also help reduce your landscaping costs. Here are three ways sustainable landscaping can help lower commercial landscaping expenses.

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Preparing Your Commercial Property For A Natural Disaster

Jun 5, 2018 in Disaster Response

Hurricane season is here. As many businesses gear up for summer, Mother Nature is preparing in her own way. All along the coast, businesses keep a watchful eye on what weather patterns are developing out in the Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico. This got us thinking: are you prepared if a natural disaster targets your commercial property?  Be it a hurricane, tornado, fire, or flood, the time to prepare for these events is now. When you don’t have the immense pressure of actual damage looming over your entire response. Below are four things you can do now to help you prepare your commercial property for a natural disaster.

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3 Commercial Landscaping Options For Large Organizations

May 25, 2018 in Commercial landscaping

Everyone likes to have options. They help us find the exact product or service that suits our needs best and keep us from being limited. It’s no different for large organizations. It’s also why, when sourcing new goods or services, companies meticulously research suppliers and all the available options at their disposal.

When it comes to commercial landscaping, it’s important to be aware of the different options available to your company to help you choose the best landscaping solution for your organization. Are you looking to reduce costs? In need of a single supplier to service every location? Is each property manager responsible for finding their own service? Whatever your organization’s needs are, there’s a solution.

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commercial landscaping audit

What Does A Commercial Landscaping Audit Include?

May 18, 2018 in Commercial landscaping

How much do your commercial landscape suppliers charge for extra services? Is the cost of landscaping significantly higher at some properties versus others? Do you have the best commercial landscaping companies for each location? These are questions that a proper commercial landscaping audit can answer, and they’re answers that can help save your organization money. 

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5 Potential Legal Liabilities in Your Commercial Landscape

May 4, 2018 in Commercial landscaping

Aside from making your commercial property look attractive, proper landscape maintenance can also help keep it safe. With employees, customers, and visitors on site all the time, it’s critical to be aware of problems with your landscape that can quickly become a legal liability. Here are five potential hazards that could be lurking on your property.

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