NLM has many benefits, most of which are based on the idea of ONE. You as a client would only receive ONE consolidated and audited invoice each month, you would have ONE point of contact for all landscaping needs, and there would be only ONE contract for all landscape suppliers. NLM provides you all of this at no cost and with a guaranteed 2% savings from your current landscaping budget.

We consolidate billing and manage grounds maintenance and landscaping services for companies with a minimum 50-properties and $1 million of annual expenditure.

Neither, NLM is a management company and consolidator of billing and service. If you are familiar with what Oakleaf does in waste removal or Best Vendors does in vending, we provide similar services within the landscaping industry. We are a one stop for all your landscaping needs.

That is the best approach and out model requires that approach. Your properties will keep the suppliers they have already chosen. And if they ever want to replace their service provider, they just make one call to our toll
free number, and we’ll handle it from there. At the same time, your corporate office will permanently eliminate all paper invoicing for landscaping with one electronic invoice from NLM.

Zero. NLM does not charge any fees to clients for the services it provides, and we guarantee a 2% direct cost savings in the first year, with potential for even more savings through NLM/supplier negotiations. NLM is an expert at purchasing landscape services, your properties are not.

There are three main ways NLM can make you money.

  1. We know through statistical analysis of landscaping billings that on average 4% of total billings are either unapproved overages or for unnecessary services. We audit all your paper invoices to identify and reject these charges from the present service providers. We split this anticipated savings 50/50 with our clients. NLM takes all the economic risk in this equation. So even if we only find a 1-2% savings, our clients are still guaranteed their 2% discount, no matter what.
  2. Properties keep the local service providers they choose, and we know that, on average, 10% of properties will want us to replace their service provider due to poor service. When that happens, we are usually able to create some additional cost savings by negotiating favorable terms with the new supplier, and we share in those excess
  3. Given our purchasing power and local density of accounts we have some suppliers that offer NLM a 1-2% rebate for servicing multiple accounts.

NLM is a division of Red Wizard Group which is comprised of 15 companies, many of which are in the consolidation and management industry with over 15-years of experience. Red Wizard Group has operated in the landscaping industry for over 6 years.

We don’t dictate suppliers; the properties choose the suppliers they want, so there is no pushback or hassle at the property level. We believe that the best national programs empower local managers to make supplier decisions. At any time if the property manager decides they would like a replacement they just need to contact us and we would handle the rest.